Estonian prosecutors deny opening criminal case against former Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin


TALLINN, October 23 (Itar-Tass) — Estonian prosecutors denied opening a criminal case against former Bank of Moscow president Andrei Borodin.

“A representative of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office was in Estonia with inquiry regarding legal assistance. We do not comment on the contents of the inquiry, but I can confirm that Estonia has not opened a criminal case against Borodin,” Public Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Katrin Lunt told Itar-Tass on Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Interior Ministry’s investigation department said criminal proceedings had been opened against Borodin in Estonia.

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Banker’s lawyer believes property arrest might be linked to Anatomy of Protest-2 film probe

ITAR-TASS World Service

The lawyer of ex Bank of Moscow chief Andrei Borodin believes that his client’s property might have been arrested in connection with the probe into the facts stated in the Anatomy of Protest-2 film.

Lawyer Vladimir Krasnov reminded that Borodin is mentioned in the film as an Opposition sponsor. Following a check into the firm, the authorities opened criminal proceedings over organization of mass disturbances.

Krasnov noted that the criminal prosecution of his client had been politically-motivated from the beginning. “At present, an opportunity has presented itself to arraign him on suspicion of funding a government overthrow,” the lawyer told Echo Moscow radio.

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Banker Borodin denies sponsoring of opposition’s revolution plans


Ex-Bank of Moscow President Andrei Borodin has called absurd his alleged financial backing of the Russian opposition in its plans to seize power. The presumption was made in the Anatomy of Protest 2 film aired by the NTV channel.

“The film claimed I sponsor the Russian opposition for illegal and/or non-democratic taking of power. That is a lie,” says a Borodin statement obtained by Interfax on Tuesday.

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Exiled banker denies allegations made in Russian TV film on opposition

BBC Monitoring Former Soviet Union

Former chairman of the Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin has described claims made in the “Anatomy of Protest 2” documentary shown on the Gazprom-owned NTV channel on 5 October that he is funding the opposition movement in Russia that is seeking to overthrow the authorities as a lie. In a statement quoted by Interfax news agency on 9 October, he said: “That film claimed that I provide financial assistance to the opposition movement in Russia for the purpose of an unlawful and(or) undemocratic seizure of power in the country. It is a lie.”

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Andrei Borodin claims new witch hunt by state-owned NTV

Financial Mirror

Allegations of support of political opposition are “absurd”

Andrei Borodin, until recently a major shareholder and president of the Bank of Moscow, one of Russia’s most successful bank, has lashed out at the state-run NTV station alleging that he is being prosecuted.

Last Friday a program called “Anatomy of protest – 2” was aired on the Russian government TV channel, NTV. The program suggests that he offered financial support for a Russian political opposition movement to seek a change of government using unlawful and undemocratic means. “The allegation is untrue”, said Borodin, adding that “I have never advocated or believed in the use of unlawful or undemocratic methods for pursuing political change. The absurd suggestion that the opposition and its sponsors intend to seize power by force in Russia serves the interests of the government that owns NTV and pays its employees.”

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Russian “fishing” could hurt Cyprus reputation

Financial Mirror

Will the Attorney General betray confidentiality?

Russian investors and local business service providers are growing increasingly worried that Cyprus’ eagerness to satisfy the Kremlin’s demands for lifting of confidentiality in exchange for a multi-billion euro bailout could jeopardise the island’s reputation as a leading financial services centre.

Recent developments involving Russian-interest companies in Cyprus and the authorities’ willingness to hand over confidential information about shareholders, directors and their assets to the government in Moscow suggest that the current administration’s relations with the Kremlin are much closer than anticipated.

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Sale of city stake in Bank of Moscow to VTB through CFC challenged in court


The transactions involving the transfer of the Russian capital’s stake in Bank of Moscow (RTS: MMBM) to OJSC Central Fuel Company and its subsequent sale to state bank VTB (RTS: VTBR) are being challenged in court.

VTB became aware of the lawsuit in July, and a preliminary hearing of the case is scheduled for August 20, VTB said in a memorandum for its upcoming offering of perpetual bonds, obtained by Interfax. VTB said it intends to resolutely defend its interests.

The lawsuit challenging the transactions was filed with the Moscow Arbitration Court on May 5 by Sergei Devyatov, and proceedings were initiated on July 3. The substance of the claims is not disclosed in public court documents. The defendants in the case are VTB, the Moscow Property Department and CFC.

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Russia’s Bank of Moscow denies offshore firm repaid $3 bln debt

Prime News

Russia’s Bank of Moscow has denied receiving U.S. $3 billion in debt payment from Oneworld, the managing company of the bank’s former top management, a bank representative told PRIME Wednesday.

“The Bank of Moscow has not received any duly formalized assets from this company or from any individuals affiliated with it. Non-resident companies’ liabilities with the Bank of Moscow -extended earlier as credits – have yet to be repaid,” the representative said.

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