Press Release

13 March 2020

I am not surprised by yesterday’s decision of the Meshchansky Court convicting me.

The investigations in Russia have not been independent, objective, open-minded or fair, and I knew that I would not receive a fair trial on the charges resulting from these investigations. I therefore did not participate in this trial.

However, as anticipated, the trial was characterised by a series of flagrant and fundamental breaches of fairness reflecting a clear failure to even try to independently and impartially consider the allegations.  Yesterday’s decision stands in clear contrast to other decisions by non-Russian judicial and investigative bodies which considered the allegations against me. Interpol withdrew a red notice against me while other non-Russian bodies have either determined that such evidence offered by the Russian authorities was completely insufficient to ground any action, or that there is worrying evidence of political interference in the investigation against me. 

I will continue to vigorously defend all actions against me in front of courts where I am confident of a fair and impartial hearing.

Andrey Borodin

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