Banker Borodin denies sponsoring of opposition’s revolution plans


Ex-Bank of Moscow President Andrei Borodin has called absurd his alleged financial backing of the Russian opposition in its plans to seize power. The presumption was made in the Anatomy of Protest 2 film aired by the NTV channel.

“The film claimed I sponsor the Russian opposition for illegal and/or non-democratic taking of power. That is a lie,” says a Borodin statement obtained by Interfax on Tuesday.

“I have never called for using such methods to change the regime. The absurd conclusion that the opposition and, consequentially, its sponsors want to seize power in Russia is advantageous only for the authorities, who control the channel and its personnel,” Borodin said.

He recalled that the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Russian Investigative Committee initiated an inquiry into the film claims.

“Keen attention of law enforcers to this information input is not accidental. The Russian authorities have long started a massive campaign to discredit the active opposition,” Borodin said.

“Such films are a perfect occasion to fabricate criminal charges against Russian citizens unwelcome by the authorities,” he said.

NTV aired the Anatoly of Power 2 film on October 5. The film claimed that Borodin had agreed to make a big financial contribution to the Russian non-systemic opposition.

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