Press Release

13 March 2020

I am not surprised by yesterday’s decision of the Meshchansky Court convicting me.

The investigations in Russia have not been independent, objective, open-minded or fair, and I knew that I would not receive a fair trial on the charges resulting from these investigations. I therefore did not participate in this trial.

However, as anticipated, the trial was characterised by a series of flagrant and fundamental breaches of fairness reflecting a clear failure to even try to independently and impartially consider the allegations.  Yesterday’s decision stands in clear contrast to other decisions by non-Russian judicial and investigative bodies which considered the allegations against me. Interpol withdrew a red notice against me while other non-Russian bodies have either determined that such evidence offered by the Russian authorities was completely insufficient to ground any action, or that there is worrying evidence of political interference in the investigation against me. 

I will continue to vigorously defend all actions against me in front of courts where I am confident of a fair and impartial hearing.

Andrey Borodin

A Weekend of Thrilling Polo at Cowdray Park Polo Club

Cowdray Park Polo Club

The Harrison Cup, Holden White Cup and Cowdray’s oldest trophy, the Challenge Cup, are three tournaments which for more than half a century have coincided with the Festival of Horseracing at nearby Goodwood. The Finals of all three tournaments, played as part of the Cowdray’s HPA’s series, reached their thrilling conclusions over the weekend of 5th/6th August. Continue reading

Don-Stroy To Develop One Million Square Metres On Baturina’s Land

Comment by Andrey Borodin: Here’s another proof of the fact that allegations and convictions against me and my colleagues are utter nonsense. A plot of land that was used as collateral against the loan granted by Bank of Moscow and according to Russian state prosecutors was worthless turns out to be an investor’s Klondike.


As Vedomosti learnt, in December 2016, Moscow’s Urban Planning and Land Commission approved a development project of 160 hectares of the areas located within the territory between Lobachevsky Street, Moscow to Kiev Railway, Michurinsky Avenue and the Ramenka River. An official of the Moscow City Government said over 1.3 million sq. m. of real estate assets are planned to build here. The bulk of the development project will affect a 58-hectare plot that was previously owned by Elena Baturina and became the subject matter of a number criminal proceedings involving the Bank of Moscow, said an unnamed source close to the Bank. 1,15 million square metres are to be developed there. Konstantin Timofeyev, the chairman of Moskomstroyinvest, or Moscow’s Development and Investment Commission, said that CJSC Don-Stroy will be the investor of the project. Continue reading

Statement by Andrey Borodin 25/05/2016

In connection with the planned reappointment of Yuri Chaika as Prosecutor General of Russia and in addition to the recently published high-profile investigation by the Anti-corruption Foundation I would like to share another interesting story from the biography of this outstanding statesman.

According to the RBC article published in August last year, in 2014 the son of Prosecutor General Igor Chaika organized a highly profitable (thanks to multibillion-rouble government contracts) business of removal and disposal of refuse in Moscow. It was not arranged from scratch. The assets and equipment of the enterprise were made by the assets of existing companies, which up to 2014 had been on the balance sheet of… Bank of Moscow. Continue reading

Statement by Andrey Borodin 10/02/2016

I was incensed to learn about the monstrous verdict of a Russian court on two former employees of Bank of Moscow, Alla Averina and Konstantin Salnikov. That these people were found guilty of charges against them and that they were given real prison terms is another example of blatant abuse of justice and common sense that prevails in Russian legal system. I am convinced that both the investigators and the court are well aware of the political undercurrent in the case against Averina and Salnikov. Nevertheless within this drummed up case they were first sent to court as the accused, and then they have been put behind bars. Continue reading

A Bracelet for Yevtushenkov

The story of the head of AFK Sistema is indicative of the modern Russia. No one’s property is protected from taking, even if you regularly meet with the leaders of the state. After the Yukos case, such things surprise no one. It is much more interesting to try and figure out what has led to such a development. Continue reading